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Kuroimisa's Hot Gimmick Manga Review

Hot Gimmick

Rated: 6

I simply couldn't understand why there is a shojo manga aimed at... girls... featuring a guy hitting a girl... and the girl being submissive about it...

This is definitely not a manga for younger people. You must be at least 15 or above I say, or have a pretty mature mind to read this. Partially because of the submissive girls being hit thing, and the other half the amount of mature content it had. To be honest I was actually quite surprised that it had bits of mature content in it. While it's not frequent, it stands out sometimes, and this was one of the reasons why I was hesitant in recommending this manga to a friend.

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Kuroimisa's Fushigi Yuugi Tv Review

Fushigi Yuugi

Rated: 6

The anime is too long for its own good. Halfway through the anime when everything was meant to be finished (and you even hear the end theme rolling on) abruptly pulls to a halt, and reveals the ââ?¬Å?second halfââ?¬? of the journey, which takes too long, and it drags.

I found it unamusing and tedious to see that Miaka was so stupid to fall for the same tricks over and over again (youââ?¬â?¢d think that sheââ?¬â?¢d learn after the first few times) and it just really got onto my nerves. By about 3 quarters of the anime I wanted Miaka to just die, and Yui as well. They were both characters I just couldnââ?¬â?¢t empathise at all with. Tamahome seemed to be more admirable, but he too became just ââ?¬Å?another characterââ?¬?.

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Kuroimisa's Sotsugyou: Graduation Tv Review

Rated: 5

The presentation. To tell the truth, it took me a lot of nerve just to sit through 20 minutes of the stuff. Yes. The characters drove me so mad to the point I really wanted to rip out my hair, or rip out theirs.

There are some famous seiyuu here, which is interesting. Touma Yumi is Shizuka- I’ve always tried to get my head around that. But if you are interested in seeing what these seiyuu have done in the past, be afraid. Be very afraid.

By presenting us with a cast of characters I cannot bring myself to like or empathise with made me dislike this anime highly. It subverts feminist values, and the characters waft in and out without any strong character or a brain of their own. The only character I found decent was Kiyomi the motorcycle garage girl.

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Kuroimisa's Ah! Megami-sama Tv Review

Ah! Megami-sama

Rated: 8

Well, this anime is quite original since there are no other animes with a similar plot, so this gets the thumbs up for standing alone. It's also reknowned for being an all time favourite- it's always one of those feel good animes where you watch it in great humour, and when it hits the serious point, you feel the urge to piece it back for the characters on screen as you wish for the traditional happy ending.

However, this anime was not the most amusing I have seen.

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Kuroimisa's D.N.A. Tv Review

Rated: 9

DNA^2 is a very short anime (from memory 13-14 episodes) and it's such a great laugh. The complex love triangles, the rivalry, the mess ups and attempted love is enough to make you laugh, cry, fall in love and lose it all over again. It's not like those plastic soppy animes- it's an anime that has the ability to make you feel, in great humour as well to maintain the happy go lucky atmosphere. For this reason, it's a great anime to watch all over again and again, because you feel you discover something new each time.

One thing that really made me loathe this anime to an extent was the ending. The ending was uncalled for, unconventional and highly disappointing.

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Kuroimisa's Weiss Kreuz Tv Review

Weiss Kreuz

Rated: 9

There is good humour in Weiss Kreuz... good looking guys and uber funky fighting scenes and a chic plot line... it is definitely an anime worth watching on repeat.

An anime full of action and filled with wonderful twists, turns and hidden secrets, Weiss Kreuz is sure to capture the imagination and admiration of any anime fan... and you're bound to end up with a favourite by the end of the anime.

In particular, I'll talk about the action scenes... they are indeed heart stopping scenes that really get your heart pumping. But of course, the anime is not only about fighting. There are those touching love scenes that make you feel queasy inside... you may or may not cry... but there are also some inspriational scenes that make you sit back and admire the anime...

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Kuroimisa's Ayashi no Ceres Tv Review

Ayashi no Ceres

Rated: 8

Ayashi no Ceres is seriously heavy stuff. There are bits where there is light humour to kill the tension, but that is seen very rarely throughout the anime, and it is an anime to be taken quite seriously.

Ayashi no Ceres originated from the fairytale of the tennyo... so there is no surprise that there was actually a catalyst for the foundation of this anime.

With all the characters, they all have a kind of inner flaw- Ceres who is blinded by hate, Aya who is unable to cope with facing the truth that she is a tennyo and the break up of her family, Touya being unable to communicate feelings, Yuuhi who is rash and jumping to conclusions, and Aki being too innocent.

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Kuroimisa's Shoujo Kakumei Utena Tv Review

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Rated: 9

One thing people may have found random or annoying were the shadows slotted in before a battle. I actually enjoyed these scenes, because they were no in fact saying gibbledeegook nobody could understand- I found them very fulfilling and insightful to learning more about morals and other things that I wouldn't have thought so myself... the underlying metaphors in their dialogue are then in fact, are not rubbish.

The symbolism in the anime is also something I find very clever- the rose as an image for revolution, freedom or love... and you'll constantly find yourself being exposed to echoes of these symbols... but to create a perpetual effect- in a sense, you already have eternity. You don't need Dios and his fastastical upside down castle.

The themes are inspiring and touching.

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